“All good leaders are connectors. They relate well and make people feel confident about themselves and their leader.” – John C. Maxwell

The relationship between employees and leaders is one that needs special care to ensure that both parties work well together. There must be mutual respect and effective communication in order to foster a good working environment. 

While being a good ‘boss’ encompasses many variables, one of the most important factors is being a leader that people are confident in. Here are 4 things employees need to feel confident in their leaders:

A confident leader
If a leader shows confidence in themselves, it’s easier for employees to have faith in them too. This is an extension of an executive’s responsibility to lead by example and show their subordinates that they can be trusted.

This display of confidence must not be overstated to the point of coming off as arrogance. It must simply be an assurance to employees that they’re in good hands and have someone they can trust to guide and support them when they need it. 

Honesty and credibility
A dishonest leader does not inspire confidence. It’s also difficult for employees to trust them when they don’t follow through on their promises, which spells disaster for the business overall.  

Leaders need to always exhibit integrity to their employees in order to gain their trust and confidence. In addition, staying true to their word shows their credibility and is also a loyalty-booster.    

A good working environment
Leaders set the tone for the workplace; from interpersonal interactions to the general office environment. Employees tend to feel more confident in leaders who prioritize their needs, especially in creating a healthy work environment

A healthy work environment consists of such factors as effective communication, fairness and transparency — all of which should be every leader’s priority to gain the trust and confidence of their employees. 

A good support system
Having a supportive leader who’s always ready to help is one thing that boosts an employee’s confidence in themselves and the person leading them as well. 

A sound support system at work is essential for their well-being and helps them feel comfortable enough with the leaders to confidently share any problems or feedback to improve the workplace.  

“The glue that holds business relationships together, that is trust, and this trust is purely based on integrity.” – Brian Tracy