Automatic appreciation for all your people

Global employee gifting for birthdays, work anniversaries and more in a single, intuitive platform that's 100% free to use.

Automated campaigns make missed birthdays a thing of the past

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Meet your new favorite gifting duo.

Gifted's powerful people tab
All your people in one place

Manage recipients from the People tab

The People tab seamlessly syncs with your HRIS, providing a database with crucial employee data.

With daily updates, you can confidently navigate through the latest recipient information.

Rest assured knowing that your gift will be delivered to the right person, at the right time, to the right address.

Works like magic

Automated Campaigns = automatic happiness

Set up an automatic gifting Campaign for birthdays, work anniversaries, and onboarding new hires in as few as ten clicks.

Choose a pre-designed template or personalize your own image, greeting, and selection of gifts for the recipient to choose from.  

Automate welcome gifts to commemorate employees’ first week, first year, and first decade with unforgettable options.

An expansive catalog means you have the perfect custom branded swag every time
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Never forget someone’s special day again.

A little appreciation goes a long way.

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An expansive catalog means you have the perfect custom branded swag every time
for Onboarding, team building & more

Make it a special occasion with Send A Gift

Make promotions, spot bonuses, thank-yous, and Employee of the Month awards that much sweeter with unlimited gift card templates.

Customize the value of the gift and send it to a new recipient every time.

100% Visibility

Remind, re-gift, and relax with Reports

Track whether your gift has been received or used. If not, resend the gift to remind the recipient that it’s there, re-gift to someone else, or cancel the gift to refund the account.

Stay on top of your accounting and payroll processes by exporting comprehensive reports. If you thought you couldn’t quantify appreciation, think again!

gifted's reports tab
An expansive catalog means you have the perfect custom branded swag every time
An easy numbers game

Budget takes care of the numbers. You take care of your team.

Step 1: Load funds through your preferred payment method.
Step 2: Set up budget alerts to see when funds run low.
Step 3: Auto-load funds to create a self-sustaining ecosystem.
Step 4: Win the admiration of the finance department.

Crownsworth planning out a month's worth of gifting campaigns

Put your appreciation on auto-pilot

Set it up and watch it fly.

Start gifting for free


The Freedom of multiple choice

Recipients choose exactly where to spend their gift

Recipients can divide and redeem the balance of their gift between as many brands as they like.

Our international gift catalog spans thousands of popular brands in 200+ countries. There’s something for everybody - literally.


Sync and swim with the HR software that you already know and love.

The Appreciation All-Stars

Hear what other companies are saying about Gifted

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"Gifted was created for the dispersed workforce. Regardless of what time zones or countries your team is spread across, Gifted enables you to send meaningful and personalized gifts for any occasion."

Matt R. Vance Allstar Thumbnail
Matt R. Vance
Co-founder & CEO
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I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use it because all your money goes where it counts, your employees. Why would you want your budget to go towards a platform, when every dollar can go to your best asset?

Erika McGrath Allstar Thumbnail
Erika McGrath
Chief People Officer
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Employee recognition at scale was a major challenge. Gifted enabled Vita to democratize employee recognition, increasing appreciation and consistency across the organization.

Erik Hansen Allstar Thumbnail
Erik Hansen
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"As a manager of a remote team, Gifted has been a great asset in building team loyalty and spirit. We use it for all birthdays and I love using Gifted to go beyond words with an out-of-the-blue recognition..."

Kristin Speer Allstar Thumbnail
Kristin Speer
Operations Manager
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“It’s so personalized. It’s not just this giant company…I have a person I talk to every time I need something. It makes it such a custom experience that mirrors what Squanch does. We are a small indie game studio...”

Natalie Eades All Star Thumbnail
Natalie Eades
Boiler Masters Logo

“The simple processes, reliable campaigns, and spot gifting has allowed us to keep appreciation and thankfulness at the forefront and freed up time to concentrate on other important business tasks.”

Abe Majors Allstar Thumbnail
Abe Majors
Operations Manager
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“It makes on-the-spot employee recognition super easy... management is able to truly personalize their experience. We are able to set it and forget it, while never forgetting to recognize anyone.”

Ecstaci Abraham Allstar Thumbnail
Ecstaci Abraham
HR Business Partner