‘Tis the Season
‘Tis the Season
At Gifted, we love the Holidays, that's why we worked so hard this year to make our holiday gifting program better than ever!
The Simple Supply Chain Solution
The Simple Supply Chain Solution
That’s why at Gifted, we have the perfect solution! Gifted’s instantaneous, digital delivery of electronic gift cards provides guaranteed immunity to any and all shipping or supply chain troubles.
Holiday Gifting Experience
A Better Gifting Experience For Your Team
With our upgraded gifting experience, your recipient will be able to select and divide their gift between all the available brands to treat themselves, or the people who matter most!
Holiday Gifting Upgrade
We Made Gifting Even Easier
The upgraded gifting experience allows you easily to send a multiple-choice gift anywhere in the world with access to all of the available local and international brands in our catalog.
No hold-up
No Delays
Don’t despair over shipping delays or supply chain issues, Gifted’s extensive library of electronic gift cards ensures instantaneous digital delivery.
The right gift, everytime
The Best Gift, Every Time
Gifted takes the guessing out of gifting by letting your recipient choose from any number of available brands and divide their gift between them.
What do Reindeer and Gifted have in common?
How Is Gifted Like A Reindeer?
They both have no borders! Gifted’s diverse library of international local brands gives your recipient the best gift experience worldwide. *Red Nose Not Included*
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