Gifted is a free to use self serve gifting platform

Our Transparent Business Model.
At Gifted, we believe the best service comes from transparency. We designed a clear and fair business model to provide the easiest and most straightforward experience possible.
Only Pay for the Gifts You Send!
Gifted is free to use for gifting in the United States. There are no hidden fees, no contracts to sign, and no minimums. You only pay for the face value of the gift. ‍ Fund your account with an ACH or wire transfer at no charge, or pay with a credit card for a 3% processing fee.
International Recipients? We Got You Covered.
Gifted operates in over 80 countries, providing curated local options to recipients across the globe. You can send a gift to international recipients by converting funds from USD to their local currency with a small 5% conversion rate to cover any currency fluctuations.
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