Paycor + A Revolution in Automated Employee Gifting

Looking for a complete, worry-free solution for employee recognition? Look no further. Paycor's feature-rich HR suite and's personalized gifting options come together to offer you an unparalleled experience.

Recognition Culture

Focus on Strategy, Not Logistics: Automate the gifting process based on milestones in Paycor, allowing your team to focus on strategic growth and other high-priority areas.

Up-to-Date Employee Info: Seamlessly connect Gifted with Paycor to automatically populate your account with a current and complete list of employees and their info.

Celebrate in Style

Set up triggers to automatically send gifts for occasions like:

- New Employee Onboarding
- Employee Work Anniversaries
- Special Celebrations

Automate for Efficiency

- Budget Tracking: Seamlessly integrate Paycor's financial data with Gifted for effortless budget tracking.
- Tax Compliance: Paycor’s financial reporting ensures your gifts are tax-compliant.
- Financial Audits: Export all gifting data into Paycor for a comprehensive financial overview.

Easy as 1,2,3

How can I set up My Paycor Integration?

1. Check out the support article to learn more about your integration with Paycor

2. Follow the short list of instructions and you'll be good to go.