March 14, 2022

Gifted's Tips for a Successful Employee Referral Program

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Micha B.
With the increasing competition for talent in the workplace, having an efficient hiring process is one of the best ways for companies to stay ahead of the competition.

“Your human talent is your most important talent.” – Carla Harris

Although conventional methods such as putting up ads on job boards still work, newer ways of finding the best candidates can be more effective.

For example, employee referral programs result in higher employee retention rates as compared to traditional hires. You can also launch a successful referral program using the following tips:

Implement employee referral training
The success of any program in the workplace relies on effective implementation, which often involves training. In the case of launching an employee referral program, training provides all the specific details to ensure that employees know how to execute their roles as effectively as possible.

Training also eliminates the risk of misunderstandings that may lead to the failure of the program. Ideally, training should include specifics of the qualifications and personality traits your company is interested in seeing in new hires, plus tactics for identifying the best candidates to put up for consideration.

Offer an incentive for referrals
Rewards are a great way to encourage your team to take part in the employee referral program. With the help of a platform like, you can automate the process so employees get easily rewarded for making referrals.

The terms of the referral system are up to you. For example, you can either set the employee to receive a gift through for every referral they make, or for a specific number of referrals or limit it to successful referrals you hire.  

Make use of technology
There are several applications and software programs available to make the recruitment process easier, such as applicant tracking systems. You can incorporate these into your employee referral program to make it easier for them to refer candidates.

You can even get software that’s specifically designed for employee referral programs, for example Teamable, ERIN, RolePoint, Boon, and Each of these has unique features so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Acknowledge and appreciate good referrals
Thanking your employees helps to increase productivity and contributes to a healthy work environment. Publicly acknowledging employees who make good referrals is a simple, effective way to encourage them to keep doing it.

In addition to public acknowledgment, you can also thank them with a gift. This can be a monetary gift or something else, such as extra vacation days; or, again, make use of’s free gifting platform to offer multiple-choice rewards so recipients get exactly what they want for giving you exactly what you need.

“Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was – and still is – the most important thing we do.” – Marc Benioff

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