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Seriously Improved User Permissions

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Ian A.

We know that recognizing and rewarding is a team effort. And we understand how important it is for you to have a feature that compliments the essential and unique roles of every team member that drives appreciation, recognition, and culture in your company. That is why we have updated and upgraded our Users and Permissions feature and created Roles.

"Let's face it, we spend a massive chunk of our lives at work. Doesn't it make sense for employers to care about the well-being of their staff?"

What are Roles?

Roles are a revolutionary new way to manage your gifting team. Allowing you to create a specific set of permissions, and assign them to your gifting team. You can create a gifting team of any size, and as many roles, as you need!

How do they work?

With a complete overhaul of the User and Permissions system on the account, we have drastically expanded the available permissions for each tab. Now you can control the settings that enable viewing, editing, and deleting permissions individually. This means that each individual Role can be customized completely to give unique access to any user assigned to that role.

How do I learn more about Roles?

We have a full suite of helpful articles on our support page if you have any questions about assigning, editing, or managing Roles.

If you have any questions about enabling Roles on your account or any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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