“Gift giving is part of the culture no matter where you are and no matter how long you stay.” – Christalyn Brannen

Whatever the season or reason, a gift of any kind is the perfect way to celebrate the people and things that matter. In the corporate world, a gift can be so many things; from the initiation of a connection with business partners to a token of appreciation to valued employees. 

Whether it’s a tangible item, such as complimentary products, or something non-physical like an eGift card or an experience, gifts are powerful for any business. Here are 4 reasons why you need to stay on top of your HR gift giving for the overall benefit of your business:

Creates connections
One of the easiest ways to connect with people is through gift-giving, and that’s equally true in the corporate world. A gift shows the other party that you appreciate whatever connection you already have with them and are making an effort to strengthen that bond. 

A gift is a great way to initiate a connection with employees at the point of onboarding. It’s also useful for cementing the management-employee bond going forward.  

Increases productivity
Employees thrive when they feel appreciated. A gift is a sure way of showing your appreciation and it boosts productivity in employees. The gesture shows that you care about them and are grateful for the work they do. 

In turn, this acts as positive reinforcement and motivates them to work harder. The promise of a reward for their diligence also makes putting in more effort an enticing venture, rather than something they dread.

Boosts creativity
Nurturing an employee’s creative side is key to bringing innovation to your business. Giving gifts is one way to promote creativity in people. They tend to appreciate thoughtful gifts and the more innovative these are, the more motivated they’ll be to show off their innovation too. 

Giving them the freedom to choose their gift makes it more appealing to them and also boosts their creativity in the workplace. 

Improves retention
Employees are a company’s greatest resource, so keeping them happy has to be a priority for any business to encourage them to stay. Creating a positive work environment is one of the most important ways of doing this, and having an employee rewards program is another. 

Gifting your employees helps keep them satisfied, which in turn increases employee retention. With a gifting platform like Gifted.co, keeping your employees happy with gifts they’ll love is easy and cost-effective.  

“Some gifts are big, others are small but the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all.” – Tinku Razoria