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Zenefits + Gifted
Automate Employee Gifting

Combine Gifted's personalized gifting with Zenefits' comprehensive HR solutions for a healthier, happier workplace.
Pair Gifted with Zenefits to foster a culture of recognition and wellness. Leverage Zenefits' HR data to send timely and relevant gifts that promote employee well-being.

Engage and gift your employees all over the world

Experience Streamlined Recognition

- Synchronized Gifting: Automatically update your Gifted gifting schedules based on real-time employee data from Zenefits. Never miss a work anniversary or a special milestone again.

- Efficient Onboarding: Automate the process of sending welcome gifts to new hires. As soon as they complete their onboarding process in Zenefits, a personalized gift from Gifted will be on its way.

A live feed or responses on your account dashboard
Upcoming holidays help you decide on the best recognition programs

Promote Wellness in the Workplace

Bulk Gifting: Remote-Friendly: In today’s remote work landscape, keeping teams connected is crucial. Simplify the gifting process for your remote teams by leveraging Zenefits's global workforce management features.

Virtual Team Building: Zenefits's team data can be used to organize virtual team-building activities. Complement these activities with thoughtful gifts from Gifted to make the experience memorable.

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Automate for Efficiency

Budget Tracking: Zenefits's financial reporting integrates seamlessly with Gifted, allowing you to keep an eye on your gifting budget without manual calculations.

Tax Compliance: Zenefits’s in-depth tax reports make it easier to ensure that all your gifts are tax-compliant, saving you from potential legal hassles.

Financial Audits: Make your financial audits smoother by exporting all gifting data from Gifted into Zenefits. This provides a comprehensive view of your employee recognition expenses.

A live feed or responses on your account dashboard
A live feed or responses on your account dashboard

Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Navigate to the Zenefits Integration Page at

2. Select "Sync with Zenefits" and accept the app permission to initiate the sync with Gifted.

3. Either sign up for a free Gifted account or check on your existing account in 24-48 hours for confirmation!