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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will it cost my company to use the platform?
It won't cost your company anything more than the cost of the gift itself.  We have agreements with all our brands where we make a small percentage off of every gift.  So, we make our money from them, not you, our users.

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

Q. Why is it free?
We've structured our business in a way that makes it completely free for our users. We have agreements with our brands so that we make a small percentage off of every gift that is sent. That percentage comes to us from the brands themselves, not the Gifted users. That's how we keep it 100% free.

Q. Do I need to add payment info when I sign up?
Nope.  You don't need to add your payment info until you send your first gift.

Q. How can I get an invoice for my payment?
We offer a comprehensive breakdown of all transactions and invoices in your dashboard's budget tab with full export capabilities.

Q. Do I need to sign a contract?
Nope. Just create your account and start exploring.

Q. Can I just sign up and start using it?
Yep. Once you create your account, login and start building your gifting campaign for free immediately.