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A Gifting Campaign For Every Appreciation and Recognition Opportunity

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Right On Time, Every Time

Automated Campaigns

Automating birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hire gifts take the remembering and guesswork out of making someone's day.

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The best entry point to automated gifting. Birthday gifts offer a low cost, high impact way of celebrating your people without the added stress of finding the perfect gifts.

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Show them how much they're valued. Milestone gifts are calculated according to work start dates, and automatically sent at intervals (days, years, or range of years) that you select.

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Let them know what kind of work culture they're a part of. Automate the sending of a small something the day before they start, or a week's worth of coffee on their first day.

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Campaigns By Numbers

Gifting Templates

We've mapped out all the major (and not so major) recognition opportunities throughout the year so that all you have to do is click and customize.

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Feeling creative?

Create Your Own

From weekly lunches to monthly wellness budgets, your imagination is the only limiting factor to what uniquely awesome things you gift your teams.

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Automated Manager Reminders
A foolproof way to make sure managers never forget employees' special days

Automated manager reminders go out ahead of repeating occasions, on the day that you decide.

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Campaign Reminders
Plan. Set. Repeat.

Never miss an opportunity to connect with your teams. Our system sends notifications of upcoming scheduled campaigns, as well as future recognition opportunities.

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Check It Out

Send a test gift

Want to see what your gifts look like before you send them out? Add your email and/or cell number and share in the experience.

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