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We've taken performance metrics to the next level with our advanced reports feature. Customizable reports help visualize every aspect of your recognition program.

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Advance reports help you keep track of every cent
Parameters Galore

It’s all in the detailed report!

The ability to track, view, and export customizable reports based on any set of custom parameters takes HR analytics to another level.

total visibility

Keep Track of Every Cent with Budget Reports

Access to the complete budget history of your account lets you see exactly where every penny has come and gone through your account.

The complete budget reports helps you see where every cent has come and gone
Repeat gifting

Resend & Repurpose Gifts With Ease

Quickly repurpose and resend gifts to any recipient as many times as you like for free to ensure all your gifts are truly appreciated!

Finance & Accounting

Keep The Finance Team Up To Date

Keep payroll and accounting compliant with analytics and customizable parameters on all Gift and Budget Reports.