Employee Appreciation Day is March 1st

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GIFTED FOR Birthdays

Send The Perfect

Employee Gift for Every Birthday.

Global employee gifting for birthdays, work anniversaries and more in a single, intuitive platform that's 100% free to use.

Works like magic

Automated Birthday Campaigns = Automatic Happiness

Set up an automatic birthday gift program for your employees in as few as ten clicks. (Not like we tested this or anything.)

Choose a pre-designed template or personalize your own image, greeting, and selection of gifts for the recipient to choose from.  

3500 Brands

Rippling Remote Work Gifting Solution


An expansive catalog means you have the perfect custom branded swag every time
Gifted's powerful people tab
All your party people in one place

Manage Birthday Recipients From the People Tab

The People tab integrates with your HRIS, with relevant recipient details including birthday and work milestones stored in a living document on site.

Daily updates mean you’re always acting on the most recent employee data. Rest assured knowing that your gift will be promptly delivered to the correct individual, precisely when and where it's needed.

Two Crownsworth characters jumping in the air with confetti overhead

Never forget someone’s special day again.

A little appreciation goes a long way.

100% Visibility

Remind, Re-gift, and Relax With Reports

Track whether your gift has been received or used. If not, resend the gift to remind the recipient that it’s there, re-gift to someone else, or cancel the gift to refund the account.

Export full reports to keep accounting and payroll in the loop. If you thought you couldn’t quantify appreciation, think again!

Never forget a birthday with manager reminders

An expansive catalog means you have the perfect custom branded swag every time
Make Your CFO Happy

Budget Takes Care of the Numbers.
You Take Care of the Humans.

Step 1: Use your preferred payment method to load funds.
Step 2: Keep an eye on low funds with budget alerts.
Step 3: Auto-load funds to create a self-sustaining appreciation engine.
Step 4: Win the admiration of the finance department and more.

The Freedom of multiple choice

Recipients Choose Exactly How to Split Their Gifts

Recipients can divide and redeem the balance of their gift between as many brands as they'd like.

Our international catalog spans thousands of popular brands in 120+ countries. There’s something for everybody - literally.