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Incentivize, retain, and reward sales prospects and repeat customers with the perfect gift – all while staying on brand and on budget.

Client gifting done right

Meet Your New Sales Superpower.

The perfect gift for every opportunity

Browse the industry's largest brand catalog of over 3500+ brands spanning 200+ countries.

100% oversight, 100% accuracy

Track the impact of your gift and adjust your follow up sales approach accordingly.

Inspire action with expiring gifts

Keep hot leads hot by sending out expiring gifts.

One budget, thousands of gifting options

Infinite gift ideas that stay within your budget.

A real classy move

Warm Outreach?
Try Warm and Fuzzy Outreach

Surprise and delight sales prospects with a personal touch.

Witness the remarkable impact of a thoughtful follow-up gesture – coffee or a delightful food gift go a long way in nurturing the interest of new prospects. Gift a potential client a voucher for a coffee experience, or treat webinar attendees to a complimentary lunch.

A small cup of coffee

Rippling Remote Work Gifting Solution

Maybe an Uber Credit

CW holding a coffee mug sitting on the floor.
A real classy move

More Brands in More Countries

Let recipients choose from thousands of popular vendors in our international brand catalog covering 200+ countries.

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Same budget. Bigger, better sales.

Start closing more sales in minutes.

Remind, re-gift, and relax with Reports

100% Visibility

Gifted's gift tracking feature monitors whether your gift has been received or used. If not, resend the gift to remind the recipient that it’s there, re-gift to someone else, or cancel the gift to refund the account.

Then, export full reports to keep accounting and payroll in the loop. If you thought you couldn’t quantify appreciation, think again!

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No bites? No problem

just relax and resend

Set gifts to automatically expire, then send out multiple gifts at regular intervals. If they’re used before the deadline, you can follow up accordingly.

If not, don’t sweat it. Resend them elsewhere, or let them expire for a 75% refund of the cash balance.

Same budget. Bigger sales outreach.