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Gifting For User Research

A Smarter Way to Gain Insights

Turn every research engagement into a win-win scenario for both you and your participants.

An expansive catalog means you have the perfect custom branded swag every time
Hold up - waaaaait

Know What Your Users Really Want 🎯

Have an idea of the next big feature release or product you want to launch?

Don't just rely on intuition—get genuine feedback from your users!

Incorporate an incentive in your survey promotion, show a little appreciation, and they'll go the extra mile in sharing quality insights.

One for All or All for One?

Bulk Gifting or One-Off Gifts

Choose your own adventure!

Go for equal rewards and spread your budget across all participants or add some *drama* with a big raffle giveaway.

Either way, we got you covered. With our bulk upload feature or one-off send feature, you can have it both ways!

An expansive catalog means you have the perfect custom branded swag every time
User Research Gifting Done Right

Where Research Meets Reward

Spice Up Your Recruitment Strategy

Let's face it, we're all more likely to help out when there's a little something in it for us. Incorporate's delightful rewards into your participant recruitment strategy and watch your participation rates soar! Consider it a thank-you in advance.

From Feedback to Roadmap

Once you've got a captive audience, quality insights are your next goal.'s easy-to-manage campaigns can be a powerful tool to encourage detailed and honest feedback. These insights become your roadmap, turning guesswork into informed, strategic decisions.

Brand Credibility: Your Best Accessory

It's not just about the logos and color schemes; it’s about added value. Provide reliable, timely rewards to show participants you value their time and input. This not only improves their perception of your brand but also builds long-term credibility and trust.

So you can get it right.

The Industry's Largest Catalog

Buy me lunch? Give me a chance to win $200+? Sign me up. Both times.

Depending on which gifting approach you want to take, you got options!

For 15 minutes of their time, consider sending a $20 gift card to buy them lunch which Uber Eats, GrubHub, Instacart, and more.

For those big ole' raffle giveaways, consider a more catch all approach - Amazon, Target, or even a Visa gift card!

Value maximized

3 R's: Remind, Regift, Refund

Leave no gift behind!

Ever worry that your well-intentioned gift might end up gathering virtual dust in someone's inbox? Now, that's a worry of the past.

Reminding: Gently nudge participants with automated reminders so they don't miss out on your 🔥 gift. We all need a little reminder sometimes.

Re-Gifting: Have unclaimed gifts even after those reminders? No problem. Easily re-allocate them to other deserving participants. Because a gift enjoyed is a gift well-spent.

Refunding: If you find that you've still got some unclaimed rewards hanging around, don't fret. You can easily refund these back to your account, making sure every penny is put to good use.

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