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Use every tool on the platform to incentivize, reward and retain sales prospects and clients. With timed gifts, custom expiration dates and tens of thousands of gift options, every dollar goes directly towards client retention strategies.

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Make those hot leads even hotter

Rebates, Referrals, and Rewards are just some of the nearly infinite gifting occasions that you can leverage using Gifted.

Timed Gifts help your client retention strategies keep up momentum

Expiring gifts

Encourage a timely use of your gifts with custom expiration dates to ensure your gifts are used exactly when you intend them!

repurpose unused gifts to new recipients and get the most value from every dollar

Resend & repurpose

Spend safely, knowing you can repurpose and resend a gift as many times as you like so it will always reach its intended recipient!

refund your unused gifts for the majority of their value

Return to account

If your gift remains unused, have no fear. You can return the majority of the gift value back to your account so you can spend it on someone else!