Build a Team to Elevate Your Appreciation

Take advantage of our advanced team building settings to grant custom permissions and share recognition opportunities across your whole team.

Custom permissions for your whole team help elevate your appreciation
team building settings make it easy to share recognition opportunities
users without limits

Team building tools give
you complete control

Whether you've got 1 or 1 million, we've got you covered.

Add unlimited additional users with no additional fees

Unlimited users

Bring on all your people. With no user fees or limits, You can add as many users to your account as you like.

Use Gifted exactly how you like with no minimums

No minimums

With no spending, gift or user minimums, you are free to use Gifted exactly as you'd like. No pressure.

Grant custom permissions to any user on your account

Custom Permissions

Grant your users the access they need, based on budget, campaign, template – Nothing more, nothing less.  

Unlimited users

More roles than a Shakespearian play

Add an unlimited number of users to your account to help manage all your recognition opportunities.

Adding unlimited users helps you build a team to manage all your recognition opportunities
Creating unlimited roles helps you build a comprehensive gifting team
Advanced user Permissions

Who gifts what

Create custom permissions for your users based on budget or gifting template, and empower your team to do everything they need.

Budgets & Approvals

Extra security with budget approvals

Ensure that funds are being allocated appropriately each time by adding a manager to approve all budget actions.

Managers help approve any and all budget transactionsSubmit every transaction for approval or not for extra security