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Abe Majors

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Operations Manager
“The simple processes, reliable campaigns, and spot gifting has allowed us to keep appreciation and thankfulness at the forefront and freed up time to concentrate on other important business tasks.”


Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

Working at Boilermasters. You know, son of the owner

To let someone know that you really appreciate them

Oh, probably Amazon, or maybe Chik-Fil-A

Just being able to get our customer up and running quickly, whether if it's an emergency or just ready for the wintertime

I gave my Mom an upgraded thermostat


I'm the guy in charge

Oh man, I usually don't. Probably "Damn"

When they give me a compliment on my abilities, or on something that normally doesn't get recognized

"The EntreLeadership Podcast" with Dave Ramsey

Ha, I just want to stay home!


"Do everything as if you're doing it for the Lord"