Employee Appreciation Day is March 1st

Send Gift Cards, Physical Gifts, Swag Packs and more...
Gifting for UX Research

Turning Deep Dives into Dynamic Duos

Leverage in-depth UX research sessions to not only gain valuable product insights but also to cement the bond between your brand and your users.

An expansive catalog means you have the perfect custom branded swag every time
Simply iconic

Like Batman & Robin

We get it—you're on a quest for that 'Eureka!' moment, a chance to transform your product into the ultimate user sidekick.

To do that, you need insights, and you need them from the people who matter most: your users (aka: the Batman to your Robin).

That's where Gifted steps in. We're the utility belt of incentives you didn't know you needed. Think batmobile.

Because $5 Doesn't Cut It Anymore

Gifts Options For Any Budget

No small gifts. Just big moments.

You're not just asking for feedback; you're asking for time. Time that your customers could spend doing literally anything else (snuggling a pet, eating lunch, their job, etc.).

Say thank you with gift cards ranging from $25 to $100 to top retailers like Amazon, Target, Best Buy or even Airbnb, for an extra zhuzh.

The Thoughtful Art of UX Research Rewards

Mindful Gifting, No Stress Attached

Expiration Dates? Not So Fast!

With our user-friendly dashboard, monitor your gift cards’ journey. Whether claimed, spent, or saved for a rainy day, be the Bruce Wayne of data—always in the know!

Keep Tabs like a True Superhero

Recipient forgot to claim their gift? It happens to the best of us. With Gifted's gentle reminder feature, you can send follow ups, after a week, month, or even 3. It's like a friendly elbow nudge in a crowded room.

Rippling Remote Work Gifting Solution

Claimed, Regifted, or Refunded—Your Call

We all want our gifts to find a home, but sometimes they linger. If a gift remains unclaimed, you can either regift it or opt for a refund. We're all about valuing time here, yours and theirs.

An expansive catalog means you have the perfect custom branded swag every time
Now that's a glow up

From Users to Super Fans

Use the feedback you gather to make your product indispensable, turning satisfied customers into ecstatic superfans.

So, are you ready to turn your UX research into a hero's journey?

Let's make your product the Robin to your user's Batman.