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Employee Gifting with Gifted and BambooHR

Merge the capabilities of Gifted and BambooHR to offer a seamless and personalized employee recognition experience. Utilize BambooHR's analytics to make data-driven gifting decisions.

Automated Employee Recognition and Gifting

Unlock a New Era of Employee Well-Being

- Synchronized Gifting: Automatically update your Gifted gifting schedules based on real-time employee data from BambooHR. Never miss a work anniversary or a special milestone again.

- Efficient Onboarding: Automate the process of sending welcome gifts to new hires. As soon as they complete their onboarding process in BambooHR, a personalized gift from Gifted will be on its way.

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Upcoming holidays help you decide on the best recognition programs
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Promote Wellness in the Workplace

Bulk Gifting: Remote-Friendly: In today’s remote work landscape, keeping teams connected is crucial. Simplify the gifting process for your remote teams by leveraging BambooHR's global workforce management features.

Virtual Team Building: BambooHR's team data can be used to organize virtual team-building activities. Complement these activities with thoughtful gifts from Gifted to make the experience memorable.

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Automate for Efficiency

Budget Tracking: BambooHR's financial reporting integrates seamlessly with Gifted, allowing you to keep an eye on your gifting budget without manual calculations.

Tax Compliance: BambooHR's in-depth tax reports make it easier to ensure that all your gifts are tax-compliant, saving you from potential legal hassles.

Financial Audits: Make your financial audits smoother by exporting all gifting data from Gifted into BambooHR. This provides a comprehensive view of your employee recognition expenses.

Automated Birthdays

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Automate Weekly Meals

Work Anniversaries

Rippling Remote Work Gifting Solution

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A live feed or responses on your account dashboard
Upcoming holidays help you decide on the best recognition programs

Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Navigate to the Gifted listing in your BambooHR marketplace and choose "Join Free Now"

3. Select "Sync with BambooHR" and accept the app permission to initiate the sync with Gifted.

4. Either sign up for a free Gifted account or check on your existing account in 24-48 hours for confirmation!