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Paylocity and Gifted The Perfect Gifting Team

Fuse Gifted’s personalized gifting approach with Paylocity’s human capital management to foster a nurturing and appreciative workplace.


Up your Gifting Game

- Adaptive Gifting: Leverage Paylocity's timely payroll data to adjust your Gifted gifting schedules dynamically.

- Inclusive Recognition: Utilize Paylocity's diversity metrics to select gifts that resonate with all employee groups.

- Warm Welcomes: Facilitate a smoother entry for new hires by triggering Gifted’s welcome gifts as they finalize onboarding in Paylocity.

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Upcoming holidays help you decide on the best recognition programs

Promote Wellness in the Workplace

- Holistic Wellness: Integrate Gifted with Paylocity’s wellness programs to send gifts that contribute to employee well-being.

- Customized Regional Gifts: Leverage Paylocity’s location data for gifts that cater to local tastes and traditions.

- Collaborative Events: Use Paylocity's team data to enrich virtual team events with Gifted’s personalized offerings.

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Automate for Efficiency

- Financial Insights: Monitor your gifting budget effortlessly through Paylocity’s financial dashboards.

- Legal Compliances: Ensure your gifting is tax-legal with the compliance features in Paylocity.

- Audit Simplification: Centralize your gifting data within Paylocity for hassle-free audits.

A live feed or responses on your account dashboard
A live feed or responses on your account dashboard

How can I set up my Paylocity

1. Request the PADE form from your Paylocity account admin or from [email protected]

2. Fill out and return the PADE form and wait a few days for your Paylocity account admin to contact us

3. Your paylocity account will be connected 48 hours from when we receive the information from Paylocity