17 Feb, 2022

4 Compelling Reasons To Cut Back On Phone Time

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Bianca Polizzi
Over the years, phones have gone from being one of the best advancements in the world of communication to a necessary evil that we can’t help but rely on even though it holds us back in some ways.

On average, studies show that the average person spends 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone each day, which often cuts into work, study, family, or bedtime.

“Smartphone is definitely smarter than us to be able to keep us addicted to it.” – Munia Khan

People pass time on their phones chatting with friends, scrolling through social media platforms, reading/watching the latest news, playing games, listening to music, watching their favorite movies or new TV shows and so much more. With so many functions available on one device, it might feel like spending less time on your phone is cutting yourself off from the world and everyone in your life. However, there are certainly a lot of benefits to doing it, such as the 4 reasons listed below that may convince you to spend less time on your phone.

Increased productivity in other areas

It’s no secret that spending time on your phone rarely leaves sufficient time or energy for anything else you might want to do. Phones are often distractions from everything else we have to do, so cutting down the time you spend on them will open up your schedule for other things.

Without your phone distracting you, you’ll be able to put your full focus on whatever you’re doing. Whether it’s work, studying, or anything else, reducing your phone time increases productivity in all other areas due to the elimination of multitasking you’re forced to do when you use the device frequently.

Improved social connections

Chatting to friends online and connecting with them via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter through your phone gives the illusion that you’re a very social person. However, in reality, spending more time on your phone means you spend less time socializing with people IRL

Reducing your phone time will help you connect with people around you, like your family and friends. In addition to helping you form better relationships with them, it also improves your communication and social skills, which come in handy in other aspects of your life.

Better sleep patterns

The blue light from phone screens makes it difficult to fall asleep and may have adverse effects on your health. It’s recommended to avoid screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime so you can fall asleep easier.

When you cut down on phone time in the evening, you’re more likely to enjoy better sleep. It’s also good practice to switch up your morning routine so that instead of the inclination to reach for your phone when you wake up, try meditating or doing a bit of exercise to kick-start your day in a healthy way

Improved brain function

Too much screen time changes the brain, among other negative outcomes, and phones are some of the biggest contributors to that because we spend more time using those than any other device. Limiting the time you spend on your phone will therefore contribute to improved memory, focus and other cognitive abilities.

There are plenty of benefits to be gained, including increased productivity and better performance intellectually. You can maximize this by switching to a healthier diet, adding food that promotes good brain health like a variety of vegetables, fruits and nuts. 

“Put down your cell phones, put everything away, and feel your blood pulsing in you, feel your creative impulse, feel your own spirit, your heart, your mind. Feel the joy of being alive and free.” – Patti Smith

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