28 June, 2024

5 Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation That They'll Love

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Appreciate their hard work and dedication with the perfect gift on the next Employee Appreciation Day. A sincere thank you and a personalized gift go a long way in building a healthy professional bond.

Planning something for your team on Employee Appreciation Day? Or do you simply want to thank and express gratitude to your team members? Whatever the reason, these gift ideas for employee appreciation are the way to go.

Memorable personalized gifts add extra excitement to your recognition. Understanding what suits your team most could be energy-draining. Therefore, here we bring about 5 brilliant employee appreciation gift ideas for 2024. 

Check them out and start planning your gifting today! 

Ideas For The Best Employee Appreciation Gift Programs

Your employees are the backbone of your company. They work hard and dedicate themselves to keeping things running smoothly. As a result, it's crucial to show them you appreciate their efforts. This is how you can create a culture of appreciation and keep your team feeling valued. 

  1. Create An Employee Recognition Program

Do something more than an annual award ceremony. We suggest you create a program that allows you to recognize their outstanding achievements year-round. 

  • Bonuses: You can acknowledge an employee's initiative or exceptional performance with small, on-the-spot bonuses. 
  • Peer-to-peer recognition: Set up a system for employees to publicly thank and acknowledge their colleagues.
  • Team shout-outs: During company meetings or in a newsletter, highlight the accomplishments of a specific team or department. 

  1. Thank You Note

It sounds simple, but a sincere thank-you note can go a long way. Take a moment to express gratitude to an employee for a job well done, a helpful suggestion, or simply for consistently going above and beyond. 

  • Be specific: Mention the accomplishment or action you're the gift is for. It personalizes the message and shows the employee their efforts made a real difference.
  • Express the impact: Let them know how their work benefited the company or their colleagues.
  • Be timely: Before expressing your thanks, don't let too much time pass. The closer to the event, the more meaningful it will be.

A simple "thank you" proves that you see their contributions and validates their importance to the team.

  1. Training And Development Opportunities

 When training your employees, you cultivate their long-term success by offering them training and development opportunities. It isn't just about making them better at their current role; it's about giving them the skills and knowledge they need to advance in their careers.

Here's how you can make this a powerful appreciation tool:

  • Identify Needs and Interests: Talk to your employees about their career goals and aspirations. What skills or knowledge would be most helpful to them? Are there specific certifications or courses they'd like to pursue?
  • Provide a Variety of Options: Don't limit yourself to traditional classroom training. Offer online courses, webinars, conferences, or even industry-specific workshops. Consider covering the costs of these options or offering financial assistance to make them more accessible.
  • Mentorship Programs: Pair experienced employees with newer team members to create a learning environment for sharing knowledge. It benefits the mentee and allows the mentor to refine their skills and gain leadership experience.
  • Internal Training Programs: Develop in-house training sessions led by senior staff or external consultants. This way, you can tailor the content to your company's needs and culture while creating knowledge-sharing opportunities.

  1. Extra Vacation Days

What's a better way to say "thank you" than by giving your employees the gift of free time? Extra vacation days allow them to recharge, de-stress, and return to work feeling refreshed and motivated. It's one of the best creative gift ideas to employees to give your employees. 

Here's how to make this a meaningful appreciation gesture:

  • Be Generous: Don't just offer a single extra day. Consider a whole week or a flexible policy allowing employees to take additional days throughout the year. It caters to individual preferences and will enable them to plan meaningful breaks.
  • Make it a Surprise: Announce the additional vacation days as a company-wide benefit or leave a personalized note for each employee informing them of the extra time off. This surprise adds to the excitement and shows you've been thinking about their well-being.
  • Encourage Use: Don't let this become a "use it or lose it" scenario. Encourage employees to take advantage of the additional time off to promote a healthy work-life balance.
  • Consider Staggered Scheduling: If staffing concerns you, consider offering flexible options for employees to use their extra days. This could include spreading them out throughout the year or using them for extended weekends.

Giving your employees extra vacation days shows you recognize the importance of their personal time and well-being. It fosters a culture of trust and appreciation, ultimately optimizing workplace productivity and increasing engagement. 

  1. Choice Of Gift 

Sometimes, the best way to show appreciation is to give your employees the freedom to choose their reward. A choice between online gift cards and a rewards store can be a powerful tool:

  • Online Gift Cards: Provide access to various online gift cards from popular retailers, restaurants, or entertainment providers. It lets your employees choose something they'll enjoy, whether a new gadget or a relaxing spa treatment.
  • Rewards Store Access: Grant your employees access to a rewards store with a broader selection of options. It could include merchandise related to your company or industry, experiences like concert tickets or sporting events, or even charitable donations made in their name.

5 Top Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Just like any other type of gift, excellent employee appreciation gifts make feel the valuable resources unique, wanted, and memorable. Most importantly, they are based on the interests of the recipients. As a result, something other than a cookie-cutter approach won't work.

Instead, try these five awesome yet budget-friendly personalized gift ideas for employee appreciation and create a healthy work culture:

  1. Ceramic Mugs

That chipped mug from the break room has had it. For this year's Employee Appreciation Day, buy your team a new high-quality ceramic mug from which to drink coffee or tea.

  • Choose a Style They Will Fall in Love With: Does your team have all the coffee loves? Go for mugs with larger capacities and thicker walls so that their drinks remain hot for extended periods. For those who like tea, choose mugs with infusers for loose-leaf blends.
  • Customize It: You could even personalize each mug! Write their name on it, an inside joke they will find funny, or a small thank you note. The mug becomes personal, making it a gift they will hold dear and use daily.
  • A Gift That Never Ages: This strong ceramic mug can last forever. They will think about how much you appreciate them every morning as they reach for their drink of choice. By doing so, you are showing them that you value their input in other ways, too, just not once in a while.


  1. Insulated Water Bottle

It is necessary to keep the body hydrated for optimum performance. On this Employee Appreciation Day, why not treat your team to something they will appreciate? It could be a step up from their standard water bottles.

  • Beat the Heat: These bottles can keep the drink chilled for long hours, making them ideal for hot summer days. They also come in handy during winter as they preserve the hot coffee or tea for an extended time. 
  • Environmentally Conscious Choice: Say no to plastic bottles! Instead of using bottled water, encourage your staff to use sustainable water bottles. This will mean fewer disposable cups and bottles for your team, making it an eco-conscious employee appreciation gift choice.
  • Tailored Solutions: Water bottles come in various sizes and designs. You can easily find out what best suits your team's needs. Do they want a gym bag option, or would you rather have larger capacity ones for their office?
  • Team Pride Display: Certain firms manufacture personalized water bottles that display their logo or name brand. Why don't you try it too? Notably, this is a method of promoting your brand while at the same time gifting your valuable employee a fantastic, trendy item.
  • A Gesture towards Wellness: Give each member of your team a branded water bottle as an indirect way to promote employee wellness. Research indicates that staying adequately hydrated can enhance concentration, vitality, and emotional well-being. This considerate gesture demonstrates your concern for the health of your colleagues, whether at work or beyond.

  1. Branded Swag

Let your employees represent your brand with utmost pride. Employee Appreciation Day is perfect for presenting them with some excellent, high-quality branded swag. Think outside the box and offer a range of items they will enjoy using. 

Use these ideas to get started:

  • Cozy Classics: Who doesn't love a comfy sweatshirt or a trendy tote bag? Print your company logo or a fun slogan on them to create a walking advertisement for your awesome team. 
  • Tech it Up: Power banks, phone cases, or wireless earbuds are all practical gifts that will be used daily. Plus, they'll serve as a constant reminder of your appreciation.
  • Hydration Heroes: A stylish water bottle with your logo is a thoughtful and eco-friendly option. It keeps them hydrated and promotes your brand wherever they go.
  • Get Playful: Spice things up with some unexpected yet useful branded swag, like funky pool floats, stress balls in your company colors, or even branded notebooks for brainstorming sessions.

  1. An Epic Gift Card

Sometimes, the best gift is the freedom to choose! Gift cards are a fantastic way to show your employees you appreciate their hard work. They give them the flexibility to pick something they'll truly love. It's a win-win for everyone—both you and your team. 

It is how you can make your gift card extra epic and extraordinary:

  • Think Beyond the Ordinary: Skip the generic department store card and opt for something more specific. Purchase gift cards from their favorite coffee shop, a local bookstore, a streaming service they'd enjoy, or even an online retailer they frequent. They will love it. 
  • Personalize it: Don't just hand them a card. It's too boring! Instead, add a handwritten note expressing your gratitude for their contributions. This slight touch shows you put extra thought into their gift.
  • Get Creative with Delivery: Instead of just handing them a card, try incorporating it into a fun activity. Hold a raffle or scavenger hunt where employees can win gift cards as prizes. These fun events will also make your employee appreciation day special. 
  • Cater to Different Budgets: You don't have to break the bank on gift cards. Offer a plethora of denominations to fit your budget. You can also try pooling resources together to provide a single, larger card for a team outing.

  1. Personalized Gifts 

Employee Appreciation Day is all about recognizing the individual contributions of your team. Personalized gifts are a brilliant way to show you see and appreciate each person's unique qualities and hard work. 

A beautifully engraved pen with their name is a thoughtful and practical desk accessory. For your team's coffee or tea-obsessed member, a travel mug with their initials or a funny joke is sure to be a hit. Does your team member have a desk plant? You can add a personalized nameplate to make it extra special. 

A gift basket filled with their favorite snacks or local treats shows you pay attention. For the bookworm, consider a gift certificate to their favorite bookstore or a subscription to an audiobook service. 

If you know someone who enjoys a particular hobby, a small, related gift shows you take an interest in their life outside of work. It is something extraordinary you can do for your team. To make them feel extra special, add a handwritten note and express your gratitude for their contributions. 


Make Employee Appreciation Part Of Your Company Culture!

Employee appreciation is no longer merely an HR checkbox that can be ticked in small amounts. Developing a culture of appreciation and recognition is now an integral part of any company. 

When employees feel appreciated for their contributions, they feel motivated and valued. It enables them to perform better and go above and beyond for your business.

But for that, a culture of appreciation is a MUST. It is proven that employees who work in an appreciation-based work culture are loyal, productive, and empowered. Check out our exclusive list by which you can build a culture your staff will love:

  • Celebrate Milestones

Milestones include anything and everything, from achieving specific years of service to completing a difficult task. Whatever it is, celebrating such milestones can make an employee feel more valued. You can make them feel a true sense of purpose so that they can see their growing future with your organization. 

  • Thoughtful And Meaningful Rewards

Sometimes, you ought to provide your employees with significant-impact rewards. Focus on value-based rewards that you can give more promptly and frequently. Furthermore, we recommend that you be thoughtful about rewarding your employees. 

You can curate your rewards program by making them more personal and meaningful. For instance, include social recognition, spot rewards, and much more. 

  • Enable Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Foster a positive work culture and cultivate positive relationships by enabling peer-to-peer recognition. It will allow you to reduce organizational conflicts while empowering your staff to appreciate their peers. 

  • Acknowledge Every Little Success And Big Win

Companies tend to celebrate big wins and reward the contributors. However, recognizing small victories is as crucial as the former. The little details matter the most and can usher a heavy impact on your employees' professional growth.


Q1. Do The Great Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas Boost Morale?

 Yes, employee appreciation gifts can boost morale. When you show your team that you appreciate their hard work with a thoughtful gift, they feel valued and appreciated. It leads to increased happiness, loyalty, and motivation. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive! Even a tiny token can go a long way. 

Q2. How Do You Reward Employees Without Money?


Want to recognize your employees' achievements but have a tight budget? No problem—there are so many ways to appreciate them. Public praise during meetings or a company-wide email highlights their contribution. 

You can also offer them a brilliant chance to tackle a challenging project or a new initiative. Simple gestures like thank-you notes also go a long way. Consider flexible work schedules, team lunches, or extra time off. All these are result-driven gift ideas for employees on a budget.

 Q3. What Is A Reasonable Gift Card Amount? 

Choosing a gift card amount can be a tricky business. For birthdays, consider $20 to $100 if you are celebrating their work anniversary $50 to $200 shows extra thanks. It's much more than just the notion of monetary amounts. 

To be specific, the gesture counts. It is advisable to choose a gift card store with broad appeal, such as a department store or online retailer. 


What if you could host special events to make your people feel more special because of their success? On this employee appreciation day, recognize every effort of your staff in these meaningful ways. It is much more than the ordinary gift ideas for employee appreciation:

  • Company-Wide Celebration: 

Throw a big bash to show your appreciation for everyone. This could be a casual lunch or dinner, a summer outing or holiday party, a potluck, a talent show, or an award ceremony. A company-wide celebration fosters a larger sense of community and creates lasting memories for everybody.  

  • Personalized Recognition:

Take the time to acknowledge individual contributions and achievements. We suggest you embrace these ideas: handwritten thank-you notes, public praise, a peer-to-peer recognition program, or personalized gifts.

  • Wellness And Self Care Activities

Show your employees you care about their well-being by offering activities that promote stress reduction and relaxation. Some options are on-site massages or yoga classes, healthy snacks and drinks, flexible work arrangements, seminars, or workshops. 

Gifted: An Easy Way To Make Your Employee Appreciation More Special:

The gift ideas for employee appreciation we explained above will excite your next employee recognition program. 

Sending personalized, thoughtful GIFs at scale is quite challenging for thriving businesses. It's not always practical to create individual and personalized employee engagement moments with everyone. But with Gifted, you can confidently maintain a personal touch with your team while conducting employee recognition. 

Gifted is your ultimate destination for personal and meaningful employee appreciation gifts. Get in touch with us and make your people smile for all the efforts they have put into your company.  

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