“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Mark Twain

Many companies are making an effort to create diverse and inclusive workspaces lately but there’s still some level of hesitancy when it comes to age. According to observations of the job market, the number of workers over the age of 55 has gone down by 2 million since the pandemic.

Although the common trend is to hire and keep younger employees, having a multigenerational workforce has its advantages. The following benefits of hiring mature candidates highlight some of these advantages.

They have good leadership skills
Good leaders are key to the success of any business and the extensive work experience most mature employees have is a strong basis for good leadership skills.    

This experience has the added advantage of requiring little to no training, which saves you time and money as well. Senior candidates also tend to have better communication and people skills, having spent more time in the workforce at a time when communication wasn’t largely relegated to digital channels. 

They have strong networks
Thanks to the time they’ve spent in their respective industries, these candidates also have great connections to other people in their network. Their connections are beneficial for any company that hires them. 

The people they’ve met along their career path and companies they’ve interacted with are an invaluable asset that makes a strong case in favor of hiring them. 

They have more experience
Mature candidates often come with years of experience in a particular job which your company can leverage to its advantage. While they may need training during the onboarding stage to get accustomed to your company’s particular work culture, their experience puts them a step ahead of younger candidates with less experience.

In addition to making it easier for them to fit in and get the ball rolling, their experience from other jobs may give you a different perspective or deeper insight that can help your business improve.  

They have mentoring abilities
The experience that mature candidates have also enables them to mentor their younger workmates. Mentorship has many advantages in the workplace, so in the long run, this benefits you and your business.

By hiring mature candidates along with younger ones, you create a multigenerational workforce with different generations learning from each other and working together to improve productivity in the workplace. 

“Contrary to widespread beliefs that older populations consume resources that would otherwise go to youth, there is growing reason to think that older people may be just the resource children need.” – Laura Carstensen