Gifted + Rippling

Unify your employee appreciation and management by integrating Gifted's versatile gifting solutions with Rippling's comprehensive platform.

100% Free to Use. Forever.
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Experience Streamlined Recognition

- Synchronized Gifting: Automatically update your Gifted gifting schedules based on employee data from Rippling.
- Global Workforce: Use Rippling's international employee data to send gifts that resonate with diverse cultures.
- Efficient Onboarding: Automate welcome gifts for new hires as they complete their onboarding process in Rippling.

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Enhance Your Remote Workforce Management

- Remote-Friendly: Simplify gifting for your remote teams with Rippling's global workforce management features.
- Geo-Specific Gifts: Use Rippling's location data to send gifts that align with local customs and holidays.
- Virtual Team Building: Leverage Rippling's team data to organize virtual team-building activities, complemented by gifts from Gifted.

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Simplify Financial Compliance

- Budget Tracking: Keep an eye on your gifting budget with Rippling's financial reporting.
- Tax Compliance: Ensure that your gifts are tax-compliant with Rippling’s in-depth tax reports.
- Financial Audits: Make your financial audits smoother by exporting all gifting data from Gifted into Rippling for a comprehensive view.

Easy as 1,2,3

How can I set up my Rippling Integration?

1. Check out the Rippling article on our support page to learn more about your integration.

3. Follow the short list of instructions to set up the integration with Gifted

4. Either sign up for a free Gifted account or check on your existing account in 24-48 hours for confirmation!