19 Jan, 2022

5 Ways To Maintain Focus

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Bianca Polizzi
The mind is a remarkable thing, able to retain the most precious of memories and conjure brilliant solutions to the most complex of problems. However, at times the mind wanders, especially when you’re faced with a mundane task, which keeps you from achieving your goals or putting on your best performance.

“Concentration can be cultivated. One can learn to exercise willpower, discipline one’s body and train one’s mind.” – Anil Ambani

Fortunately, there are many things you can try to get your mind back on track, whether you want to concentrate on work, school, or anything else you need to be mentally present for. These 5 ways of maintaining focus can help you concentrate on the task at hand, no matter how tedious it may be:

Eliminate distractions

One of the best ways to ensure you maintain focus on whatever you’re working on is removing anything that might distract you. Distractions vary but some common ones include noise, social media, and other types of media like movies, TV shows, sports, and the news.

Finding a quiet place to work goes a long way in helping you maintain your focus. You can also put your phone on silent so you won’t be distracted by notifications, or use site blockers like Off Time and Flipd if you can’t resist the temptation to respond. 

Avoid multitasking

When you have a lot of things to do, taking on a bunch of them at a time might seem like a good way to make sure you get it all done. However, this usually ends up overwhelming you instead and negatively affecting your productivity.

Instead of trying to do everything all at once, concentrate on one task at a time so you don’t burn out. Once you’re done with one thing, you can move on to the next and work through your list. Breaking your projects up into smaller tasks also helps with ensuring that you focus on one, manageable task at a time.

Get enough sleep and exercise

Lots of studies highlight the importance and benefits of getting enough sleep and exercise, from helping with your fitness and productivity to keeping you energized for the day ahead. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep and engaging in some physical activity regularly also goes a long way in helping you maintain focus.

With an adequate amount of rest, you’ll feel fueled enough to take on your tasks and be able to properly focus on them. Physical activity also boosts your mental activity, contributing to your performance. 

Focus on the present

Due to everything that goes on in the world, it’s easy for your mind to wander to the past or worry about the future. The anxiety resulting from that harms your focus and performance. 

To counter this, you should practice concentrating on the present day and what you’re doing at the moment. Take each day as it comes and use mindfulness exercises like deep breathing when your mind begins to wander to a dark place. 

Fuel up

Just as cars run on fuel, you need several things to get your motor running. The food you eat and what you drink all affect your focus and, thus, your performance. Foods like cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale fuel the brain and improve its function.

Caffeine also helps with maintaining focus, but it must be taken in moderation to avoid feelings of nervousness or anxiety. Apple juice is a good alternative, but nothing beats simple water for healthy hydration and keeping you energized. 

“Focus is a matter of deciding what things you’re not going to do.” – John Carmack

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