21 Feb, 2022

6 Ways To Encourage Feedback From Employees

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Amit Volinits
“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

Giving or receiving feedback can be a daunting task, especially for employees. In most business setups, employees are often on the receiving end of critiques, but there are profound benefits of employee-driven feedback.

However, getting honest feedback from employees is a feat that’s easier said than done. Some may offer false feedback to avoid angering their employers, or skip it altogether so as not to rock the boat and risk their jobs. This is why it’s important to create a welcoming feedback culture and these 5 ways of encouraging feedback from employees can help you do that.

Feedback training

Critiquing properly is a skill which requires training like any other to ensure it's done right. Therefore, the best way you can help employees give you feedback that will help your company in turn is by teaching them the right way to do it through training.

The training should ideally include the best tactics for giving feedback, even if it’s negative, as well as examples they can follow so they can see how these are applied on a practical level. 

Create a feedback-safe environment

Employees might not feel comfortable pointing out flaws or errors to their employers. However, assuring them that their opinion is not only welcome but encouraged will help them open up and feel free to be honest with you.

The way you receive feedback from your employees will set a precedent that will determine whether they’ll feel safe enough to do it again. Emotional intelligence comes into play here, and you need to make sure you listen attentively, encourage them to share without pushing too hard, and thank them for providing their honest view.

Set clear expectations around feedback

It’s easier for your team to give you feedback when they know exactly what’s expected of them. You can outline your expectations by providing a guideline for the information you’d like from them.

It can be in the form of a questionnaire so they simply answer the questions with the information you need. Even a less structured format can work, as long as you specify what you’d like their opinion on with regards to the business or a project you’re working on.

Offer a reward for feedback

Everyone loves getting a reward so it’s the perfect incentive to encourage employees to give feedback. With a free gifting platform like Gifted.co, you can set up an automated system to thank your employees with multiple-choice gifts for their valuable feedback.

This will push them to do it more often as they’ll have something great to look forward to afterwards, thanks to the various gifting options available through the site.

Use a variety of feedback channels

Face-to-face interactions are the common choice when it comes to the exchange of feedback. However, using different feedback channels gives employees the flexibility to share their opinion  in a way they’re comfortable with.

Some examples of feedback channels you can use include suggestion boxes, where they can share their views anonymously, or an online survey through platforms like Google Forms. 

Make it routine

The more you do something, the better you’ll get at it. You can apply this principle to help employees get used to and comfortable with giving feedback.

Scheduling these feedback sessions can also contribute to this since they’ll be able to prepare for it, unlike calling on them spontaneously which may leave them flustered and unable to articulate their opinions properly.  

“Make feedback normal. Not a performance review.” – Ed Batista

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