06 May, 2020

From One Home To Another: How To Keep Employees Engaged Remotely

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Micha Berkuz
Companies around the globe are announcing that their teams will be working from home until the end of the year. Watercooler chats, team lunches, and after-hours events are on hold indefinitely.

The company culture that took time to build seems far away with everyone working from a different location. However, it is entirely possible and even easy to continue the atmosphere of your workplace by delivering it to employees virtually. Employee engagement will no longer be dependent on the ping pong tables in the lounge area, but rather how you make your employees’ days directly to their devices.

Recorded Zoom Workshops 

Employee engagement is all about the employees — and odds are your employees have talents and knowledge they can share with others through a broadcasted workshop. The self-proclaimed home cooks can send out an ingredients list ahead of time and provide a cooking class. The basement bartender can do the same and demonstrate how to shake up a good cocktail after the workday. After, you can eat and drink together on camera to all share the experience. Make sure these workshops are recorded so those who aren’t able to attend can play it back on their own time. 

Sponsored Team Lunches

Working from home provides various challenges for people, especially for those with young children schooling from home, so it can be difficult for employees to find time to buy and cook a meal. Sending your team members a gift card to a local restaurant or UberEats encourages them to remember to eat a hearty meal, and even share with their families. Schedule a team lunch, even if people can only hang around for fifteen minutes, so you can catch up without the dirty dishes.

Workout Challenge 

Encourage your employees to take a break, and break a sweat with a workout challenge. There are many types of workout video series on YouTube — from pilates to bodyweight cardio — that you can motivate your team to try out while apart, together. Just a few minutes of exercise releases endorphins and provides a burst of natural energy to keep your team going. You can also send your teammates a gift card to a sports store for athletic wear, sneakers, water bottles, and more to get them in the right mindset.

Celebrate Milestones

It’s even more important to celebrate milestones when people are working remotely so they feel a sense of appreciation when they’re not always around each other. Send a card or gift to your employees for work anniversaries, birthdays, and newborns just so they know they are being thought of even when OOO. 

Any event or surprise will help deliver the culture that was once cultivated in the office, home. And Gifted is here to help you do just that. The platform syncs with your HRIS system and delivers instantly redeemable gifts directly to your employee’s phone or e-mail. It’s a way to share appreciation, hope, and positivity during a time when many are adjusting to working from home. Sign up for free today at www.gifted.co

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