03 Nov, 2021

Now Gifting Is Even EASIER Thanks To New Features On Gifted.co!

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Amit Volinits
Now Gifting Is Even EASIER Thanks To New Features On Gifted.co!

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”– Vince Lombardi

As if the corporate gifting experience wasn’t effortless enough on Gifted.co, a slew of newly introduced features make it absolute child’s play!

So if it was so great before, why bother changing anything? Because we are determined to continue being the very best option as a fast and simple solution for employee, customer and vendor appreciation. We continually seek out ways to enhance the user experience and here’s an ironclad guarantee for you: We’ll never stop!

Perfection may be an impossible ideal, but there’s no harm in aiming high, right?!

Before we get into our latest exciting upgrades, let’s just recap the fundamentals of why Gifted.co is already seen as the leading corporate gifting platform online right now:

With zero fuss, you can set a budget, unlock top brands for your recipient/s to choose from, customize a message and have your gift delivered - in mere minutes!

So, what’s new (so far!):

We’ve improved the gifting experience for gift recipients: Now they can divide their gifts across multiple gift cards! So let's say your recipient has received a gift reward link from you that has a balance of $20. Prior to this, one had to allocate the full amount to a single merchant -now with the new flow, your recipient can go in with $20 in total to redeem and can choose to spend $5 at, say, Starbucks, $10 at GrubHub, and the final $5 at Dunkin' Donuts (among scores of choices). They then simply check out using the shopping cart, and those gift cards will be sent out to them in an email or text. Also, gift cards that have been produced appear under‘Redemption History’, so it’s super easy for recipients to keep track of what’s been redeemed to date. Watch this 1 minute video to see just how simple and intuitive the process really is!

We’ve also made it even easier for you to send gifts: here’s a 3 minute video that demonstrates all the enhanced features, which are also detailed below:

You can send international gifts: Your recipients don’t even have to be in the US to benefit from your generosity! In this global economy, there should be no limits. Gifted.co is all about expanding choices, so… hello World!

You can send any amount (for example $28) and not only fixed amounts: Simply type in the number - it’s your money after all, so you should have complete control! Maybe your employee just turned 37 - send them a dollar (or ten!) for every year. Quirky, thoughtful gestures like this show you’re paying attention, which is employee engagement gold.

You can customize the link, add and remove brands and change the order of the brands: Simply drag and drop different brands from our comprehensive catalog. You can delete specific brands from the catalog or you can choose to delete all of the brands from the catalog and just add specific gifts that you would like your team to have an option to choose from. It’s incredibly easy and truly satisfying because, once again, all the control is in your hands - yet you’re also giving your recipients access to multiple choices (highly recommended)!

You can save templates for future use: It doesn’t take long at all to create your initial templates - then mere seconds to re-use them for different recipients, occasions, gift amounts, personalized messages and more going forward. Everything on Gifted.co is geared towards optimum convenience - so employee, vendor or customer gifting will never feel like a chore again. In fact, you’ll look forward to it because it will be the easiest and most fun ‘task’ on your checklist!

You can send multiple gifts out with different amounts and personalized messages: Each recipient has their own fields, so you can either send out the same gifts as a block, or you can quickly and easily customize each gift in terms of value as well as personalizing individual messages. We’ve approached everything from the perspective of what we would want to be able to do as users of a gifting platform and focused on eliminating any unnecessary fuss and frustration. Mission accomplished (but we won’t stop here!).

What are you waiting for? In the time it took to read this, you could have made someone’s day -with the help of Gifted.co!

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