September 1, 2022

Securing The Bag With Gifted Swag

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Ian Anzlowar
Unify remote teams and show genuine appreciation with your own collection of custom branded swag delivered all across the globe.

Story time.

The manager of a remote company we’ve worked with was telling us about his experience at an annual conference with his co-workers recently. Because they’re a remote company with employees all over the world, it was the first time some of them were meeting in person - ever. So, a pretty big occasion. Surely a lot of team building memories from the trip, right?

But when we asked the manager what his favorite part of the conference was, he smiled and said, “The hoodies.”

That wasn’t exactly the answer we were expecting. But it turns out that every member of the team was gifted a swag box to commemorate the event and, of all the nifty gadgets they were gifted, his favorite was the matching hoodie. He said it filled him with a sense of pride and camaraderie when he saw other remote team members wearing their matching hoodies or drinking coffee from matching mugs when they were virtually reunited on Zoom calls.

That stuck with us. You see, branded swag is so much more than free advertising. Swag represents a kind of uniform - a badge of honor, even - that visually unites teams, no matter where they are in the world. It’s a powerful way to build and strengthen company culture.

That stuck with us. You see, branded swag is so much more than free advertising. Swag represents a kind of uniform - a badge of honor, even - that visually unites teams, no matter where they are in the world. It’s a powerful way to build and strengthen company culture.

As we like to say at Gifted headquarters, swag is recognition that you can hold. Or wear to the gym. Or play a game of doggie tug-of-war with. See, when you use Gifted Swag to set up your team's gifting and recognition strategies, you’re gaining access to an ever-expanding catalog of items for pretty much anything you can imagine.

And the best part? No minimum orders. No contracts. No fees. You’ll only pay for the swag, not a subscription - not ever. Whether you’re onboarding a single new hire with a welcome pack or clothing the entire office in branded hoodies for your annual corporate retreat, Gifted Swag is the easiest way to outsource your swag bag administration. That’s our gift to you, HR professionals.

Your employees deserve the world - shop it all with Gifted Swag

Gifted Swag is your one-stop shop for all the branded merch you could want to send to your employees. We’re adding cool new stuff to our categories all the time, but here’s a topline summary of our best-selling items so that you have an idea of the kinds of high-quality gifts your employees will be delighted to unbox.

Our 16oz. Gala Insulated Tumbler features double-walled vacuum insulation to keep hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold for a long, long time. It’s spill-proof, but your custom-printed, high-res design is sure to make a splash during the Monday morning coffee run.  

Take the party on the go with our tiny but mighty Mini Bluetooth Speaker. Whether they’re hiking, sunbathing, or putting on a podcast before home office hours begin, it’s a surefire way to send a crystal-clear, high-definition message in stereo sound about how much you appreciate your employees.

It’s time to disable the cables and power up your employee gifting with our Wireless Charging Pad. By printing your logo directly onto the soft-touch rubberized face, you’re literally juicing up your employees’ devices with the power of branded swag.

Snag-free swag orders for HR peace of mind

The real gift of Gifted Swag is the ability to set and forget swag orders both big and small. Our single-fulfillment model can be easily customized and updated to reflect growing teams or commemorate one-time swag occasions (like onboarding a new hire or gifting a loyal client). Here’s exactly how it works:

  • Step 1: Upload your logo to your Gifted account
  • Step 2: We’ll build your very own store of nifty gifts, all mocked up with your company’s logo
  • Step 3: Start your order by adding recipients and adding products in your preferred colorways
  • Step 4: Hit send! And never worry about the logistics of putting together a personalized, custom-branded swag bag ever again. Keep your eyes on the prize and track your orders from send-off until the moment they arrive at their forever homes with the Gifted dashboard

No address? No problem

Now, you can manually enter your employees’ delivery details right away, but all you really need is an email address. This will alert your employees that a swag bag is on its way, and they can enter their personal information themselves. Who said privacy policy had to ruin a nice surprise?

Global Swag for a Global Team

Got remote employees all over the world? No problem! We offer international shipping at a small additional cost.

Oh, and did we mention that you can expand your catalog at no extra cost? That’s right. For $0.00, you can change, update, or add new designs to your catalog. HR professional-turned-creative-director is about to be your new job title.

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?

Be a part of your employees’ world by tapping into the stuff that they want the most. Gifted Swag covers coveted items from three different categories:

  • Electronic Heaven: shop chargers, wireless earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and more.
  • On-The-Go: represent your company wherever your employees go from yoga class to smoothie bars with portable mugs, microfibre towels, coffee cups, and water bottles.
  • Wearables: recognition is a warm, fuzzy feeling. Literally. Keep employees cozy in hoodies, t-shirts, baby grows, beach towels, and more.

Level up your appreciation game with Gifted Swag  

Custom-branded merchandise is so much more than a promotional plug for your company’s brand. It’s a way to unify teams and show genuine appreciation for client and employee loyalty.

Gifted Swag takes all the administrative burden out of sourcing, branding, and sending customized gifts to teams both big and small. Whatever you need it for, Gifted Swag is here to help your employees secure the bag (of high-quality goodies). It’s nifty, it’s swift. It’s Gifted.

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