29 Jun, 2023

Taking DEI Beyond Pride Month

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With Pride Month recently wrapped up, how many of your employees are dreading the return to the cliche blue-for-him pink-for-her approach to company rewards? Because the truth is to maintain diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles, you need to go beyond the confines of Pride Month and make LGBTQ+ staff part of the norm. So while celebrating and showing support for the LGBTQ+ community is crucial, it's equally important to foster a year-round inclusive environment.

And what companies often don't realize is that the rewards it gives are a very clear indication of where they’re at on their DEI journey. 

Who’s slipping through the cracks of your recognition program? 

Before we get to the impact of inclusivity, let’s look at how generic recognition and gifting can affect the culture in a diverse workplace. 

Generic recognition programs often fall short when promoting inclusivity and fail to recognize the diverse personalities working within a company. So when HR departments rely on stereotypical and often outdated archetypes to guide campaign creation and gifting strategies, it goes without saying that these initiatives’ impact will dwindle. 

These are a handful of elements that generic reward programs can open the door to:

Lack of representation and recognition for underrepresented groups

Generic programs often overlook the unique challenges that individuals from marginalized communities had to overcome to get to where they are, perpetuating a cycle of underrepresentation. 

Potential reinforcement of stereotypes and biases

By relying on generic rewards that are not tailored to individual preferences or diverse needs, companies inadvertently reinforce existing biases and stereotypes.

Exclusive focus on outdated achievement merits 

Office gifting programs that only highlight the most common merits can easily overlook the collaborative nature of projects and fail to acknowledge the unique challenges that underrepresented employees overcome. 

So if you look at the intrinsic limitations of generic recognition programs and the negative impact they can have on company culture, won’t you agree it’s time for HR teams to align communications and rewards with inclusive standards? 

But you attract a bear better with honey than vinegar, right? So let’s take a look at the impact of a DEI-driven recognition strategy, and see what the sweeter side of inclusivity looks like. 

Section 2: The real impact of gifting

So beyond getting stuff that’s super awesome and aligned with each employee’s own unique personality, can the use of DEI principles in gifting programs have a transformative impact on company cultures?  

The answer is an irrefutable yes. 

By implementing inclusive practices, companies can achieve the following:

Promote an enhanced sense of belonging for all employees

Tailored rewards that reflect individual preferences and values help foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels seen, valued, and appreciated.

Increase visibility and recognition of underrepresented groups

By intentionally recognizing and celebrating the contributions of underrepresented employees, organizations can shine a light on the need for diversity and much-needed representation.

Alignment with organizational values and commitment to inclusivity

Inclusive gifting programs align with the core values of the company and signal a genuine dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace culture that’s driven by DEI principles. 

Realizing these transformative benefits doesn’t begin with a tailored and inclusive gifting initiative, though. It begins with understanding the needs, preferences, and experiences of employees. 

Digging down to the roots of inclusivity

DEI extends far beyond gestures such as changing logo colors during Pride Month. True inclusivity requires an introspective examination of a company's core values and language choices. It involves creating a workplace culture that values and celebrates diversity in all aspects, including gifting programs and personalized campaigns. 

DEI implementation doesn’t have to be some grandiose overhaul of company culture. It can be seen in acts as simple as wording campaigns more carefully. But by incorporating DEI principles year-round, even if they’re only seen in the smallest actions, companies can foster a sense of belonging, amplify underrepresented voices, and create a truly inclusive and empowering environment for all employees.

The best part is all of this can be effortlessly achieved with customizable campaigns and gifts made simple through Gifted. We’ll help you take your DEI journey beyond Pride Month effortlessly.

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