01 Dec, 2019

The Evil HR Lady…Isn’t So Evil After All

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Amit V
We’re excited to announce our first partnership with the helpful, straightforward…Evil HR Lady.

We are already experiencing incredible growth in the amount of accounts, usage, and appreciation exchanges on Gifted. But we’re just getting started. That’s why we’re excited to announce our first partnership with the helpful, straightforward…Evil HR Lady. Suzanne Lucas is a veteran Human Resources Manager with more than ten years of corporate experience. Ten years on the job means she’s seen the thick of the employee lifecycle and is able to give advice on office culture, work relationships, and employee engagement. We’ve been reading her blog for a while, and today we’re reading about us, right on her website.

“7 Times You Should Think About Employee and Client Gifts that Aren’t Christmas” might sound like a post you want to read in 2+ months from now, but it’s now more important than ever to read when you’re fleshing out your yearly employee engagement plan and budget. While you sit through end-of-the-year offsites and 2020 roadmap planning, take time to review the opportunities, as thoughtfully put by the Evil HR Lady, to see where you can add a touchpoint of appreciation and recognition that are out of the Christmas season – where gifts are more of an expectation. Our favorite from her list (that even yours truly didn’t think of) includes gifting on a random Monday – since Mondays are often tough to power through – especially in the winter. And the second-best, fresh idea is when an employee moves: “If one of your employee moves (whether it’s a company relocation or a personal choice), a gift certificate to Home Depot or Target or CB2, Wayfair and Overstock will be appreciated.”

Suzanne also writes about other prime gifting opportunities – welcoming a newborn, work anniversaries, upon completion of a successful project, and birthdays to name a few. We’d love to send a big shout-out of appreciation to Suzanne for her thoughtfulness in her ideas and her sassy spin on the post. As a tenured professional, Suzanne understands the importance and necessity of appreciation – at any time in the year – for employees. Yep, even the Evil HR Lady is a fan of giving gifts, our mission, and our product, and she wants to spread the cheer for her 60,000+ monthly readers. Check out the full post here, and sign up for a free account on www.gifted.co, and simply appreciate.

P.S. If you would like to partner with us, let us know what ideas you’d like to collaborate on at sales@gifted.co.

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