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Gifting for user research

A Smarter Way to Gain Insights

Turn every research engagement into a win-win scenario for both you and your participants.

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Gift Reports allow you to resend, repurpose, or cancel gifts as needed
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Global Gift Flexibility
Our Gift Card catalog includes over 3500 international brands in 150 + countries
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Hold up - WAAAAAIT

Know What Your Users
Really Want

Shape Your Next Hit!

Planning a new feature or product launch? Don't just rely on intuition. Instead, actively seek out user feedback to shape your innovation effectively.

Fun Feedback Boost!

Boost the quality of feedback by offering incentives in your surveys. Appreciation in the form of rewards not only increases participation but also encourages users to share detailed, insightful feedback

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A real classy mood

Bulk Gifting or One-Off Gifts

Choose your own adventure!

Go for equal rewards and spread your budget across all participants or add some *drama* with a big raffle giveaway.

Either way, we got you covered. With our bulk upload feature or one-off send feature, you can have it both ways!

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User research gifting done right

Where Research Meets

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Spice Up Your Recruitment Strategy

Boost participation by offering's rewards as a thank-you to recruits - it's a surefire way to increase engagement!

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From Feedback to Roadmap

Use's campaigns to gain quality insights from your audience, transforming feedback into a strategic roadmap for informed decision-making.

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Brand Credibility: 

Your Best Accessory

Enhance brand perception and trust by offering timely, valuable rewards, showing participants their input is appreciated beyond just logos and colors.

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So you can get it right

The Industry's Largest

Gift what they want

Depending on which gifting approach you want to take, you got options!

You can count on us

For those big ole' raffle giveaways, consider a more catch all approach - Amazon, Target, or even a Visa gift card!

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Value maximized

Sync your BambooHR
Account with Gifted in just
3 Steps

Leave no gift behind!

Ever worry that your well-intentioned gift might end up gathering virtual dust in someone's inbox? Now, that's a worry of the past.


We all need a little reminder sometimes.


Because a gift enjoyed is a gift well-spent.


Making sure every penny is put to good use.

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Your Free Gifting Solution Awaits

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