26 Feb, 2022

6 HR Software Solutions You Need To Know About

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Micha Berkuz
Nowadays, technology plays a big part in the workplace; from increasing efficiency to reducing errors. HR software, in particular, helps with managing a company’s biggest resource — people. 

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” – Bill Gates

All HR software solutions are designed to help make it easier for managers and employees to work together. With the many benefits that these 6 HR software solutions offer, everyone can focus on doing their part to make the business thrive.

Applicant Tracking System

For any business, the hiring process involves a lot of work, including keeping track of CVs from potential candidates and managing open position postings to multiple job boards.

An Applicant Tracking System can help with these tasks and make the process easier. An example of this type of software is Breezy HR, Workable and Zoho - but there are many others out there.

Employee Referral Software

Employee Referral Software is another great tool for the hiring process that allows existing employees to be part of the company’s recruiting process. The tool makes employee referrals easier to track and more efficient through automation of the process, thus helping improve employee participat

Some examples of this handy tool include Boon, HireUp, and Teamable. Some studies have shown that employees hired through referral programs stay longer, hence the software improves the quality of the hire, among other benefits.

Onboarding Software

Once you’ve selected new hires from your list of potential candidates, the next stage is integrating them into your organization. Onboarding Software helps with this stage of the process, which may include keeping track of employee training, capturing electronic signatures, and anything else you may need for a seamless introduction of new hires.

There are various software solutions you can use for this, most of which aren’t limited to onboarding. Some examples are Monday.com, SaplingHR and Kissflow HR Cloud.

Payroll Management Software

Keeping track of a company’s finances requires a lot of diligence to minimize errors and ensure accuracy. Payroll Management Software is designed to help with calculating and crediting employees according to the time they worked.

Software such as Onpay, QuickBooks Time and Paycor help you save time, avoid errors, and manage employee compensations easier. 

Performance Management Software

This type of software helps you keep track and understand your employees’ performance and efficiency at work. It’s vital for ensuring important targets are met and any setbacks affecting productivity are addressed in time.

Performance Management Software such as Monday.com, Kazoo, and Betterworks can also help with reviewing employee compensation based on their accomplishments.  

Human Resource Management System

Also known as the Human Resource Information System, this software is an amalgamation of various HR processes. The comprehensive software makes processes like recruiting, onboarding, performance tracking, and payroll management easier to manage.

The information gathered, stored, and analyzed using this system provides valuable insight that helps with improving the business as a whole.  

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” – Steve Wynn

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