03 Nov, 2021

A Genius Holiday Gifting Solution To Global Supply Chain Chaos

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Bianca Polizzi
If you somehow hadn’t noticed, the world is in the ever-tightening grip of a goods delivery crisis. With increasing frequency, news headlines are screaming that shoppers are set to face empty shelves in the run up to the holiday season.

So what’s behind this global product movement meltdown?

Pandemic restrictions and related labor shortages coupled with an unprecedented spike in demand have whipped up the perfect storm in terms of supply chain issues and delayed distribution.

From manufacturing plants shutting down in the Far East due to Covid infections to lorry driver shortages in Europe to cargo ships backed up in US ports, it’s a truly international problem with no quick fix in sight.

And there’s more…China’s zero-tolerance to Covid leading to port shutdowns that impactedshipping worldwide; staffing deficits in the logistics industry; an inadequate number of shipping containers; panic buying driving artificial shortages. The list of contributing factors goes on, one impacting on the next.

The ‘lean’ principles inherent in the pre-pandemic system, from staffing levels to ware house stock to delivery capacity, were designed for stable, predictable trade conditions - a Jenga towerin peril from the lightest touch let alone the sledgehammer blow dealt by Covid-19.

There’s also been a sudden post pandemic surge in consumer spending due to renewed confidence in economic recovery. Spending in the US has seen a 6 percent year-over-year growth versus pre-Covid growth trajectory - the hike thanks mainly to higher income and younger consumers splashing out after more than a year of enforced isolation.

And now the US, UK and a growing number of other nations are reporting a new phenomenon complicating matters further: ‘The Great Resignation’. People are quitting their jobs in droves - 4million in the US in July 2021 alone - in large part resulting from a lockdown-induced reevaluation of work-life priorities.

As Jonathan Gold, vice president of supply chain policy at the National Retail Federation, toldBusinessInsider.com, "At this point, shortages are guaranteed... We've been warning consumers to manage their expectations for the holiday shopping season for months now. The fact of the matter is the supply chain is stretched to its limit from end-to-end."

In the face of fast dwindling gift choices available to purchase in conventional ways, how can you hope to avoid a disappointing holiday season?Consider this: What if your gift recipient could choose from a huge range of big name brands -everything from Amazon, Apple and Airbnb to Visa, Walmart and Xbox (plus the entire alphabet in between)…

Let’s say they’ve identified what they want and know for a fact that it’s in stock right now...

One click and they redeem the credit you’ve made available. The gift card of their choice instantly appears via email or text and they can use it there and then - either online or in store -to purchase the perfect gift.

These are the smart features that make Gifted.co the obvious solution to availability uncertainties:

  1. Entirely digital process - via an innovative, highly reputable platform
  2. Zero physical shipping delays - simply load credit, unlock options and share
  3. Gifts are delivered instantly - via email or text
  4. Credit is redeemable immediately - online or in store
  5. International service - available globally and more locations added all the time
  6. Multiple choice - recipients get to choose their own gift
  7. Scores of big name brands to choose from - covering a huge range of categories
  8. Incredibly user friendly process - send single or multiple gifts in mere minutes
  9. Personalized notes - customizable messages pre-written for your convenience
  10. Customizable templates - save your settings to make gifting even faster next time
  11. Send & track - see what your recipients chose and instantly resend misplaced gifts
  12. Automated & timed gifting - built-in convenience
  13. Detailed reports - always available online and easily converted to PDF
  14. Budget management - monitor your spending
  15. User permissions - easily delegate gifting tasks

Plus much more… And best of all - it’s absolutely FREE. That’s right, access to all of the above features doesn’t cost you a single cent more than the gift credit you send to your recipients.Load anything from $1 to $1 million (or more - it’s unlimited!) and there’s no charge added for sending your gift via Gifted.co. No hidden costs. No catch.

Crisis-proof your holiday season appreciation program - or even the sending of gifts to loved ones - right now: Get gifting with Gifted.co. Happy Holidays - sorted!

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