28 Apr, 2020

Employees Working From Home? 5 Gifts That Can Be Redeemed Instantly!

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Amit Volinits
While some companies are no stranger to working from home options, more and more are adopting this trend in order to keep employees safe and healthy (I type this as I work from home, with my cat sitting on my keyboard).

This adjustment can be challenging, with employees feeling distant from their teammates, managers, and company goals, all while trying to remain focused on getting work done as usual. It’s a really good opportunity for you to check-in with your employees — add a surprise break in their day with a gift so they can feel appreciated and a bit more calm. So we’ve put together a list of gifts, available on Gifted.co, that can be used instantly, from anywhere. 

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is a treasure trove of great, downloadable movies, shows, music, e-books, and more. You can also stream shows from various networks and channels so you don’t have to stick to their originals only (although I totally recommend the show Homecoming). 


Gamestop offers gift cards of their own to Playstation and Xbox stores, so you can buy games, powerups, map packs, and more in seconds. Meet new people without leaving your den. 

Papa John’s and Domino’s (because I can’t choose a favorite) 

Delivery! One fresh hot pizza coming up! Maybe add some garlic bread and dessert while you’re at it? Nothing is more entertaining than tracking when your food is arriving at your doorstep. And you can eat it in your pajamas. 

Barnes and Noble E-Gift Card 

Yes, eventually you will run out of good series online! But rest assured, there are millions of books just waiting for you to read them. You can order some books for delivery, or if you have a Nook, order some e-books for instant enjoyment.


While you wait to plan your next vacation, relive memories by designing books, calendars, mugs, and more all from your photos.

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