02 Nov, 2020

Remote Working: How to Retain Employee Motivation

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Bianca Polizzi
2020 has been a wild ride of ups and downs, the blows of unspeakable loss softened by uplifting stories of hope; humanity coming together, communities growing stronger and the present moment being appreciated for the magic that it is.

“An employee's motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.” - Bob Nelson

Coronavirus has caused unprecedented disruption across every aspect of every life this year… and the world of employment and business is no exception, with COVID-19 throwing a real spanner in its works. 

However, from the darkness, there must come the light. Before this year, who could have imagined that the majority of business owners could, so rapidly, move their businesses entirely online? This great realization that every individual involved in the running of entire enterprises can work together, while working from the comfort of their own home, is undeniably brilliant. It saves time on commuting, saves costs on office spaces and it can mean more flexible working hours for your employees.

Motivation has gone one of two ways this year. Either, you’re finding that your staff are more motivated than ever to get their work done and log off for the day - or that they’re not motivated at all. 

So, we decided to delve in to what the key is to employee motivation while working remotely.


Giving your employees a real sense of responsibility is key. Keep them involved in the greater goals of the company and ensure that each individual feels that they are using their own unique skills to the best of their ability, and that these skills. This shows that you value each employee for their individualism - so that they don’t just feel like a cog in the machine. It also sends the message that you rely on their hard work and commitment, that it is up to everyone, equally, to put in as much effort as they are valued for.


Treat your employees as leaders and they will reflect the belief you have in them, in their working behavior. There is plenty of evidence to show that simply by trusting your employees to manage their own time, allowing them the space to be flexible with their hours around their home life, significantly improves their physical and mental wellbeing. A happy employee is more likely to work more productively… By managing their own time, they are less likely to burn out from stress which will in turn lead them to be happier and healthier. It also creates a great team work balance as, if they feel trusted, they will be more open when it comes to being honest about having difficulties managing their work. 


Everyone loves to be rewarded for their hard work and efforts. These rewards teach us that the harder you graft for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. 

A 2018 study by Genesis Associates found that 85% of workers were more motivated to do their best when they had an incentive. This increased motivation tends to lead to stronger employee retention, loyalty and engagement - but incentives aren’t just great for employees, it also boosts company profits. The same study found an increase of a company's overall profits by upward of $104,000 per week on average when incentives were put into place as a motivation tactic.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to get your employees motivated by trying out our Sales Incentives Gifting Activity! You can plan, schedule and automate sales incentives as a great way to keep goals fun and engaging, all year long, ensuring motivation levels are high, working in office or at home!

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