08 Apr, 2021

Why Delegation Is Essential for Successful Business Owners

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Micha Berkuz

"If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you've got to learn to delegate." - Richard Branson

Leadership & Delegation

Leadership comes hand-in-hand with delegation. Why? Delegation is key for leadership and growth.

It is the only way to successfully grow any business into an empire, because you simply cannot do everything alone when it comes to building something much bigger than yourself. This can seem daunting as it requires a lot of trust, communication and coordination, but it pays off in the long run - especially when it means expanding the work you are doing!

Many new business owners never discover this however and will eventually work themselves into the ground, either scaling their work down so they can manage the load in the long-term or giving up on their dreams because it all gets too stressful. If only they took the delegation route and discovered all of the magic that comes with working together with others’ super powers to create something great that works like clockwork.

The Benefits of Delegation

Delegation is more than beneficial for yourself and the growth of your business however, it empowers your team, showing them you respect their abilities, builds trust and assists with professionals (and personal!) development. It also helps to divide the work to those which are best suited to getting it done the most efficiently, improving productivity and commitment in the team. It also shows that as a manager, you appreciate each individual’s skill sets and talents.

Although letting go can be challenging, accepting that you can’t do everything yourself is important. It really does allow you to free up your time for what really matters, taking away stress and making space for your business to expand its wings and soar.

How to Delegate Gifting

The holiday season can be a stressful time for everyone, with end of year wrap ups and finalizing outstanding work for clients before the new year. Never mind having to also think about gifting all of your employees, clients and business partners. How can you get it all right and not leave anyone out?

Here at Gifted, we make it easy for you! We have thought of everything to make gifting easier   and delegating gifting is absolutely no exception. We have created the Manager Spot Bonus Option for this exact purpose, as it is especially important to show appreciation and gratitude to those who are helping you grow your dream into a reality.

Manager Spot Bonus Option

This allows you to give your managers the budget to gift their teams through our platform, where you can then organize and oversee all of their actions. You’ll have full control over setting budgets and giving permissions all from within your account, while not having to stress about a single thing. It only takes a minute to set up, which will save you a lot of time in the long run - and you can add an unlimited number of managers to our Gifted system to ensure all teams are covered. Then, set daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly budget limitations - with customizable permissions for each.

This isn’t just an option for the holiday season either, you can set these personalized manager or HR sector budgets for birthdays, celebrations, spot bonuses and more. Your managers can then log in and use that budget to gift their team members deservingly. Simple! There is always something to show gratitude for or to be celebrated, so keep the good vibes flowing without the stress and hassle of having to stay on top of it all yourself. This is a delegation done right.

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