04 Apr, 2021

Business Advice: Give More to Get More

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Written by
Micha Berkuz

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” - Jim Rohn

The art of giving

There are many secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur but when you get down to becoming an excellent CEO or even manager, the key traits are always kindness, empathy and understanding. It may seem like common sense and we all think we are good people, but how do we go beyond the general niceties and dive deeper into goodwill in the business space - and why is this essential for great business return?

Entrepreneurs who have been in the game long enough will tell you to perfect the art of giving. They have found that one of the surefire ways to sustain your business over time and to elevate relationships within the industries vital to your business, is by giving people your time, expertise and energy. It has been proven that the more you do this, the faster you reach your business goals - but why is this and how can it be proven?

Give your time

Research done by Cassie Mogilner, Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making, shows that spending time helping others leaves people feeling as if they have more time, not less. Surprising - we know! So it seems the secret to productivity and success is actually in being generous in every aspect (even when you don’t think you have the capacity to do so) …

If you REALLY don’t seem to have time though, we’ve done the hard work for you, to come up with some other brilliant ways that you might be able to heighten your chance for success, create valuable relationships, and maybe even earn some favors along the way.

Grow trust to build your network

A golden rule in life is that “just as you help others, you help yourself”. This is true, especially in the world of business. If you solve more of your clientele and business partners’ problems, the higher the level of trust for your business will grow. If they trust you, they will naturally speak highly of your company and this trust will lead to referrals. 

Word of mouth is everything. In order for people to trust your product, many rely on others’ experiences before they can take that step and hit “buy”. The reputation that you build from helping others without expecting anything in return is a priceless commodity. 

Give gifts to show your appreciation

By giving thoughtful gifts to others – whether that’s a product, service, or trusted referral - you build a relationship that could be worth so much more to your business in the future.

We make gift giving easy here at Gifted.co - allowing your clients, business partners and colleagues the opportunity to choose exactly what they wish, by gifting them a multiple link option. All you need to do is add their email address, insert a personal message and choose an image to accompany the gift card link that will be delivered directly to their email - so no hassle of delivery issues!

From there they can then choose from a whole array of options - or specific ones that you have narrowed it down to, so if you want to offer a small, but kind gesture, like lunch or a coffee on you! We have endless options, even down to preloaded visa debit cards, so the choice really is theirs entirely.

What goes around comes around

In life, when someone gives you a generous gift, you most likely feel like you want to return the favor. It is the same story when it comes to business. When you give generously, people start to feel indebted to you, which - more often than not - proves to bring substantial return to your business. You can provide free services for people or help their business in other ways, and they will step in when they see an opportunity to repay the favor.

The art of giving, without expecting anything in return, is a valuable tool in both your business and personal life. As an entrepreneur, this is a way of building your business for long term success.

By giving to others, you heighten brand awareness, nurture relationships that could prove useful in the future, and create a reputation within the industry that will bring you clients and partnerships… But it’s more than that, it really does feel GREAT to give.

Find out just how good it feels by building your appreciation program here: https://www.gifted.co

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